We believe in establishing trust, using great communication, addressing our guests' hair problems, and collaborating to create solutions.


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We believe our unique approach enables our guests to leave the salon not only with amazing hair, but with an uplifted energy, more confidence and stronger belief in themselves. 

We don't just touch our guest's hair - we touch their heart.

The purpose of Luster Hair Lounge is to foster a safe space for genuine connection, education, and empowerment for both guests and team members in an environmentally-friendly environment.

We make a concerted effort to choose environmentally-friendly options. As a Green Circle salon, we want to make a positive impact on the Earth.


We love to hang out together - seriously! From working out together to trying new wellness activities, we truly enjoy creating a healthy team environment.

team environment

We take leadership seriously - we've created an environment that celebrates hard work and compassionately recognizes that "real life" happens.

leadership is key

We believe in offering continuous education opportunities to our staff and encouraging personal and professional development.


Our Core Values

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